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A milk-and-water psychologist

A milk-and-water psychologist is the one that lacks the will or ability to act effectively.

An ironic book about the first years of independent practice is well known among beginners. Vignettes and stories from the real life are summirized by morality sentence. The author is sincere and rigorous at the same time, as an official portrait.

About the book

A milk-and-water psychologist is written as storytelling about young psychologists, who trying to establish their private practice. There are 12 chapters in the book:

1/12 Your intentions

2/12 Your start

3/12 Your first steps

4/12 Your difficulties

5/12 Your assets

6/12 Your inspection

7/12 Your success

8/12 Your decisions

9/12 Your competitors

10/12 How to sell

11/12 How to work

12/12 How to relax

Russian Books

default-pic1The book is in Russian.