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Getting a handle on the psychoanalytical thicket

Kernberg's ideas in common words. Getting a handle on the psychoanalytical thicket

Anyone who ever opened the Kernberg's Love relations: Normality and Pathology, has felt himself a martyr to impenetrable psychoanalytical thicket. The quintessence of analytic proficiency is given to readers in incomprehensible manner.

About the book

The book Kerngerg's ideas in common words is a commentary to original monograph of the famous American psychoanalytic.

My enthusiasm for explications on Kernberg, which was blessed by the students, dried up after the first  fifty pages. The only way to save motivation for the hard translation work from Kenrgergian Russian to spoken Russian, was to recognize that I've not created for such desk masochistic practice and to switch myself to hedonistic mode on.

Thus was born frivolous a quasi-detective fiction story about love at first sight. It's writing allowed me to turn the difficulties of painstaking explanatory work into endurable ones. I've translated four pages of Kernberg's text and have written one chapter of the light-minded story concurrently.

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default-pic1The book is in Russian.